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发布日期: Jul 02, 2016

Embark Education is looking for a French teacher immediately who is able to teach G1-G8 students writing and public speaking.
Embark Education is created by Dr. Philip P., the principal of Philip MathChess Academy. PMCA has a track record of high academic achievement in chess and mathematics training. Its current enrollment is up to 400 and the number of its alumni is over 10,000. www.philipmathchess.com
Candidates must have:
• Fluency in French and English
• A year experience of teaching French
• Be passionate about the subject
• Ability to inspire and motivate students
• Excellent lesson planning which engages, develops and stretches students
• Excellent classroom management skills
• Commitment to the school and its students
Our aim is to provide our students with a high quality learning experience and satisfy parents’ high expectations. We seek to find excellent teachers who can join our team and help us to succeed in our aims.
Embark Education is a fast growing private school with more than 500 students. It has small class sizes of approximately 8-15. Its training programs include Mathematics competition, chess, English writing and public speaking, Mandarin, French, and Visual Arts.
We look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals whose first priority is the education and success of the students.
Location: 1033 McNocoll Ave M1W 3W6

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